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Feedback - 2011

Kieron is a fantastic driving instructor! I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start learning to drive.
I was extremely nervous when I first contacted Rock Driving Academy but his professionalism and calm manner immediately put me at ease.
Kieron really helped to build my confidence in my driving ability and taught me how to be a safe and considerate driver.
He is adaptable and understanding and nothing is too much trouble. I got anxious in the weeks running up to my test but Kieron allowed me to discuss my fears and work through them. If you ever want extra support in a particular area, he is more than happy to work on this with you. 
All in all Kieron is a brilliant Instructor and I cannot thank him enough for helping me to achieve my goal.

Aimee Trowton, Passed 1st Attempt,15th November 2011 

Kieron is the best driving insturctor!! He always makes you feel relaxed when driving, he's always positive! Improved my confidence dramatically when driving. Prepares you perfectly for the practical and theory tests. You can rely on Kieron when you want to know something about driving, even if you think its a silly question. Always enjoyed my lessons, I was so scared when i started driving now i've passed,  I love driving!! Thankyou Kieron 

Fiona Leathem, Passed 4th November 2011


Kieron is an outstanding teacher! Forms a good relationship with pupils and is able to still maintain the right balance of work/authority. Lessons were not a chore. If I had trouble understanding a particular part of the lesson kieron showed patience and good teaching skills. His positive attitude in general made the lessons enjoyable. I would recommend kieron to any future pupil!

Aimee Scannlon, Passed 1st atttempt, 19th October 2011


Jess Noonan, Passed 1st attempt, 13th October 2011


Learning to drive was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kieron is a great instructor, easy to talk to and always very professional and I would highly recommend him. He was always very patient during my lessons, which helped me to relax and concentrate on what I was doing. He made sure that I was well prepared for my test and helped answer any questions that I had. It feels great to just get in a car and go and drive now. A massive thank you to Kieron.

Liam Crutchley Passed 7th October 2011 

I'm so glad I had Kieron as my driving instructor! I was really nervous about driving and there were a lot of times where I thought I would never be able to pass, but Kieron helped increase my confidence a lot and I felt really comfortable driving during my test. Even though I would make mistakes, Kieron would always explain calmly where I went wrong and I felt that I was making progress every lesson. I never felt under pressure and by the end I actually really enjoyed driving! Going to miss lessons with him a lot, thank you so much Kieron.

Simran Sansoy, Passed 1st attempt 16th October 2011

Kieron is a great driving instructor, who communicates and makes you feel very comfortable during lessons. I passed both my theory and practical first time. I would definately recommend Kieron to anyone interested in learning to drive.                              

Sam Whetstone, Passed 1st attempt 23rd september 2011



Chris Savage, Passed  1st attempt, 15th september 2011



 I had a lot of fun learning to drive, Kieron was always calm, patient and explained everything clearly. He didn't even mind answering the same questions from me over and over again! I could always have a good chat with Kieron whenever I was driving comfortably and I would definately recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Thanks Kieron

James Howard,Passed 1st attempt,9th September 2011 


Tom Stepani,Passed 1st attempt,31st August 2011

I cannot recommend Kieron highly enough.His professionalism and patience saw me through and took me from complete novice and very nervous driver to being confident and passing my test first time. At 38 years of age, it was a massive wall to climb but was made so much easier having a first class driving instructor. He is totally reliable and friendly and I cannot thank him enough.

Derek Fitzpatrick,passed 1st attempt, 4th August 2011

Kieran is an absolutely fantastic teacher. He is patient, has empathy for a nervous learner but most importantly, he knows his stuff. I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Sam Cleary, Passed 1st attempt, 1st August 2011

Kieron is a very good instructor. Ive had 3 instructors teach me to drive, but Kieron has so far been the only one to keep me wanting to succeed.
I felt very relaxed when being tutored by Kieron, which helped a lot. He was also patient which is what you'd expect from an instructor, and that helped me because sometimes I would have problems concentrating.The car was nice to drive and was always kept well maintained and clean.

Phil Calcutt,Passed 1st attempt, 22nd July 2011


Tasha Matthews,Passed 14th July


Kieron can not be recommended enough!! I started learning with another instructor and just couldn’t get to grips with driving at all, so I decided to change instructors moving to Rock Driving Academy was definitely the right move. Kieron is professional, calm, helpful and a great teacher. I found it so much easier to learn what I was doing with Kieron as he explained what I was doing wrong when I did it, answering any questions in full and making sure I understood.He also adapted to how I found it easier to do different manoeuvres. I was well prepared for the test and only got four driving faults. Thanks Kieron.

Gareth Evans,Passed 1st attempt, 12th July 2011



Kayleigh Walsh,Passed 8th July 2011 


I cant recommend Kieron enough! I started driving lessons with Rock driving academy and passed July 1st. He Is a true professional as a driving Instructor, he Is friendly, patient but also encouraging to ensure you Improve and reach your goal. If you want a good honest driving Instructor that Is going to teach you properly then look no further!. once again, thank you. 

Matt Capitani, Passed 1st July 2011

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Kieron was a great teacher and always patient, even when I kept making the same mistake over and over again! He was happy to travel slightly further afield to pick me up for lessons and always made extra time for lessons in the run up to my test. I believe that the confidence he gave me was what led me to pass my driving test.

Sophie Carroll,Passed 1st attempt, 24th June 2011


Cathy Mann, Passes 23rd June 2011 


Hi Kieron. Thanks a lot for the lessons, great instructor. I'm very happy with passing 1st time, the lessons definitely payed off. Thanks alot Kieron I will definitely recommend you to others who want to learn to drive. cheers Kieron.

Joe Forster,Passed 1st attempt,18th June 2011

It was a great experience to learn from the maestro himself, I was very excited when I first started to drive, but at the same time I was quite nervous because I had never been behind the wheel before. Driving with kieron he made u feel more relaxed and the joker he is we had a good laugh but always got down to business. I will definately reccomend kieron to a friend. Thanks again kieron.

Filippo Mannina,Passed 17th June 2011

I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Kieron and am pleased that I chose him. Kieron is a positive and friendly driving instructor who teaches you at your own pace and will always ensure you feel comfortable with something before moving onto the next bit. He has always been helpful and patient and does not make you feel embarrassed when you make a mistake instead he talks you through it and helps you to understand what happened and why. I would definitely recommend Kieron to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks again Kieron!!

Marie McEnery, Passed 27th May 2011

Having Kieron as a driving instructor made my driving experience great and I enjoyed going to his lessons every week. At first from being a little nervous behind the wheel, Kieron took me to a quiet road to build up my confidence. After a while of driving each lesson I would learn something new and gain different experiences, and Kieron would make sure that I understood everything thoroughly before moving onto the next stage in driving. Thank you for teaching me to drive safely and pass my test Kieron!!

Katie Steel, passed 1st attempt,28th March 2011 

Keiron is a fantastic drivinKg instructor who has made learning to drive very enjoyable. His calm, patient approach helps you to feel confident behind the wheel, which is very reassuring, especially when you make mistakes. He was extremely friendly and supportive and this made the lessons something to look forward to. As well being able to have a laugh, Keiron has a thorough and professional approach that helps you to feel very well prepared for the test and will no doubt make me a safer driver in the future. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, it’s fantastic to have passed my test and I can honestly say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive.  I will definitely be recommending Keiron to my friends. Many thanks,

Josh Murphy, passed 18th March 2011

Kieron is a fantastic driving instructor, it took me a while to get completely comfortable behind the wheel but he was patient and still guided me through it. I didn't always look forward to the lessons but kieron pushed me to pass and I now believe because of him i'm a good driver. I would recommend Kieron to anyone and already have to one of my friends.

Jack Kenny passed 16th March 2011

  I couldn't have asked for a better driving instuctor. Kieron made the whole experience amazing! I admit I was very nervous about learning to drive but from the very first lesson I felt confident that with Kieron's help I could pass, and so I did! And trust me I honestly thought that there was no way I could pass first time, but it was with the help and support of Kieron that I did it. His guidance made every lesson worth while, and even when I was at my worst with regards to confidence, Kieron always helped me through it. His friendliness and enthusiasm made me look forward to every lesson I had, and I can only echo what has been previously written by saying he is a' top guy'. And don't worry Kieron everytime I reverse I will see a mini you on my shoulder. Lol. I would definately ( and already have) recommend Kieron to my friends as I know he will be as friendly and supportive with them as he has been with me.
Thank you so much again for all your support!
Sophie Bingham, Passed 1st attempt, 11th March 2011

Well, where to start? i honestly couldnt have asked for a better driving instructor. Kieron made my learning experience so relaxed and enjoyable! i have loved every minute of learning to drive with ROCK and im so glad i picked such a lovely company to learn with. Kieron helped me to feel confident and positive with my driving and i cant believe i actually passed my test! and its all with the help and support of Kieron. I have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson I'v had and would each week look forward to my next. I have already recommended Kieron to friends and still would do now, so supportive, encouraging and a real down to earth guy helping to make you feel so comfortable whilst learning to drive. Im going to miss seeing Kieron every week, and i know he's definatly going to miss me too! :) haha.
Thank you so much for everything Kieron xxx

 Sophie Reading, Passed 1st attempt, 4th February 2011

 Kireon was an excellent instructor and I can only echo the compliments below. He really understood my needs and made me feel comfortable from my very first lesson. We worked at my pace which was important to me, especially as I had a lack of confidence to begin with. This is a life long skill and we wanted to make sure we got it right first time. It wasn't just the practical side of driving, Kieron encouraged me 100% on my theory; which was a big challenge for me especially with my learning difficulties. It is always important to have a good rapour with your instructor and the trust Kieron instilled from the beginning instantly made me feel at ease. I looked forward to my weekly lessons with Kieron, he always found that right balance between working hard and having a laugh with it. I would recommend him to anyone, no matter what your level of learning capabilities are.
Alistair Hardie, Passed 1st attempt, 3rd February 2011

Well well well, what can i say, Kieron...top guy. 
Friendly, reliable, always helping and encouraging, which made it easier for me to learn to drive. 
You can be yourself around Kieron, resulting in a better atmosphere and better environment to learn something you will need for the rest of your life. 
Always end up having a laugh during the lessons, infact Kieron isn't just an instructor, he's a friend with alot of patience.
All in all best instructor you will find, Kieron helped me so much to get my driving to such a good standard, resulting in me passing with ZERO minors. 
I'd recommend you to my friends and family. I'd suggest you to anyone that wants to start driving and more importantly learn safe driving for life! 
Top man, Thank You Kieron. 
Lucio-Tommaso Abinanti, Passed 1st attempt, 27th January 2011

Kieron is an amazing instructor to learn with, very friendly and helpful! When I had my very first driving I knew absolutely nothing and was a very nervous pupil, but he was so calm and patient with me it helped me build up my confidence. He always made sure that I was comfortable with each task before I moved onto something new. I would definately recommend this driving academy to other people who want to learn to drive.
Thankyou once again for all your help :-)
Zoe Kenny, passed 6th January 2011