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Feedback - 2010

Thank you Kieron for having the patience and helping me achieve this! I really couldn't have done it without your encouragement and support! Kieron is an excellent instructor and always re-assures you that you are progressing and doing well. He made driving enjoyable and always puts you and ease and makes me you feel comfortable, he has a brilliant personality and is witty (occasionally making you laugh :)) He takes a genuine interest in his pupils lives and installs confidence within minutes of getting in the car. I would highly recommend Kieron to anybody, he's extremely easy to get on with and will always ensure that he answers any queries and fully de-briefs you at the end of every lesson. I passed in December, and feel completely confident in driving which is something I thought I would achieve this year! Thanks for everything Kieron!!
Thanks again for everything!!!!

Laura Woodward, Passed 16th December 2010

Kieron is a brilliant instructor, and helped me gain confidence on the road! Kieron is very professional he took me through everything at my own pace, he is very reliable and fitted my lessons around me.

Kirsty wildman, passed 1st attempt, 26th november 2010

Amazing instructor, always makes sure you understand everything before moving on to a new topic. Wicked instructor would definately recommend. 

Sian Clifford, passed 1st attempt, 8th November 2010

Kieron was an amazing instructor!! I could not of asked for a better teacher! He was friendly and patient all the time.
He always reassured me when I thought I was doing badly!
It always helped getting feedback at the end of the lesson as well to know how well I was progressing!
I passed first time on my theory and practical all because of the help Kieron gave me.
I recommend highly to learn with Kieron.
Thanks again!! 

Vikki Cunliffe,  passed 1st attempt, 6th November 2010

You helped me learn to drive safely and confidently, not just to pass my test but to be a safe driver in the future as well.
Always managed to book a lesson every week around school and work and everything else that was going on.
Really awesome instructor, friendly and supportive no matter what!
Thank you!! 

Katie Baker, passed 1st attempt, 4th November 2010 

Kieron made my driving experience fun and exciting, due to his fantastic personality. As he is down to earth and layed back yet he remains very professional. Kieron doesn't rush you when learning and I always came away from a lesson smiling knowing I had learnt something new and at the same time had a fun lesson. Kieron was able to pick me up from different destinations (as long as I told him first) and also drop me off, which allowed me to fit my lessons around work and school. It was a joy to be a pupil of Kierons however i wasn't so keen on the football team he supports. 

Alex Poulter, passed 1st attempt, 8th October 2010 

Rock driving academy was recommended to me by a number of people, and i am so glad i took there advise. Kieron was a fantastic driving instructor. He never put me under an pressure as he let me learn at my own pace, even if i did feel under pressure kieron was very easy to talk to and easy to get on with so those feeling soon went. If i was to make a mistake during the lesson kieron did not make a big issue out of it, with his calm approach he would pull me over and talk me through it step by step. Throughout my driving experience with Rock driving academy i had fun and learnt not just how to pass the test, but also how to deal with different problems i may face on the road.
thanks for everything Kieron!!

Ollie Stutchbury, passed 1st attempt, 5th October 2010

I have recently passed my driving test on my second attempt, I was so happy with Keirons constant patience with me ,Keiron would answer my questions and help me through the times is was ready to give up on driving. I learnt about Keiron thought a friend and I am glad I did. Keiron was always polite, patient and punctual.(1st attempt with different driving school)

Ryan Connolly, passed 1st attempt, 1st October 2010

I  found Kieron very easy to get on with, which definately helped as I was a nervous driver when I first started my lessons. Kieron's patient and friendly approach to teaching made me feel at ease on the road, and I felt that I could learn at my own pace, and ask any questions at the end of the lessons. The Corsa was also a comfortable car to drive. In fact, we usually ended up having a bit of a laugh during the lessons too! I would definately suggest Kieron to anyone looking to start driving. Thanks and good luck for the future!

Dawn Cordina, passed 27th September 2010

Thank you so much for helping me pass my  
driving test Kieron. You're the best at what you do and I only got 3 minor  
faults. I would recommend you to my mates thanks again.

Joe Meade, passed 6th September 2010 

Kieron is a brilliant instructor and made my experience of learning to drive a great one. I was very nervous on my first lesson, but Kieron's friendly yet professional approach to teaching made the nerves disappear straight away. Whilst learning to drive Kieron was always very patient and encouraged me with all my driving. I learnt at a pace which suited me and always felt able to ask questions if I didn't understand something. My lessons were always enjoyable and I think I will actually miss having them every week. Thanks for everything and good luck in the future!!

Thanks again

Hannah Evans, passed 1st attempt, 2nd July 2010

I was recommended Kieron by friends and could not have asked for a better driving instructor. I started off shy and nervous about being on the road, but he soon gave me confidence. I never felt pressured in the lessons as he went at the pace i was learning. I never felt uncomfortable or scared when i made mistakes, as he explained anything I did wrong with constructive criticism. Very friendly and I will definately miss my driving lessons. Thanks again Kieron!

Kelli Dixon, passed 1st attempt, 28th June 2010

Kieron approached his work with complete professionalism and reassurance throughout my learning experience. He teaches with patience and built up my confidence behind the wheel. His qualities from his vast knowlege of the road, to his friendly personality made my time with Rock a pleasant one to say the least. A highly recommended Driving Academy! Thanks again Kieron!

Edward Lee, passed 1st attempt, 22nd June 2010

Brilliant driving instructor makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. Knows exactly what he's talking about which gave me great confidence when learning to drive all the way until i passed!
Thank you again Kieron

Kirsty Lloyd, passed 1st attempt, 15th June 2010

As a result of a bad past experience with another instructor I lacked confidence and was very nervous about learning to drive again after a 3 year break. But Kieron changed all that, as soon as I got in his car on the first lesson I knew he would be able to change my views.
Kieron is an excellent teacher who is relaxed and patient. He does not mind if you make a mistake and will always explain how and why something's gone wrong. He will never leave a lesson without going over it and answering any questions. Kieron is friendly and enjoys a laugh which helps calm nerves. He is also a good listener and put up with me moaning every week about my job!
I passed my test first time and I now drive with confidence. Kieron even allowed me to have a lesson in my own car once i had passed to help me feel more comfortable in it. I cannot thank Kieron enough, he is the best driving instructor!

Kim Malley, passed 1st attempt, 27th May 2010

After trying to learn how to drive when i was 28 yrs old and giving up through sheer lack of confidence & intrest after only a few lessons with another instructor,i always thought i wouldnt be able to find an instructor that could not only keep me intrested but also put me at ease as i was so nervous Kieron managed to keep me both calm & focused Kieron is not only patient but very understanding he gave me so much encouragment even with the theory test I cant recomend or thank you enough kieron after passing my test 1st time with only 2 minors on 26th May 2010 i was the happiest lady in the world!

Grace King, passed 1st attempt, 26th May 2010

I feel that the Rock Driving Academy is a very good and successful driving academy. It taught me everything I need to know about driving and about being safe on the road. I had many laughs and interesting talks with Kieron whilst on driving lessons and feel that I not only learnt safe driving for life but also made a friend for life.

Chris Whittington, passed 19th April 2010

'Kieron is a brilliant driving instructor, lessons were professional and enjoyable as we got on really well. They progressed at a comfortable rate, I never felt rushed or that I was being held back and Kieron would make sure we would go over certain areas I felt I needed more practice on. He was also always very helpful with arranging my lessons around work and other commitments. I would recommend him to anyone, other people I know who used Kieron all agree he is a great instructor. I past first time and I'm absolutely buzzing, thank you so much Kieron!!

Jenny Garratt, Passed 1st attempt, 4th March 2011

Like most people, I was very apprehensive about starting my driving lessons. I had always been worried that I might not get on with my driving instructor but these worries were quickly pushed aside when I had my first lesson with Kieron. His friendly, bubbly personality made him really easy to get on with and from the first minute I knew it would be fine. It was a pleasure to be taught by Kieron as he made the lessons very enjoyable and productive. Thanks to Kieron, i've passed my test and am now free to drive :) Thank you Rock Driving Academy!
Melissa Jones. passed 1st attempt, 30th January 2010

Kieron is fantastic. He's extremely helpful, friendly and welcoming, and just a nice guy!
No matter how unpredicatable I was at first, he taught me to drive from stepping into a car on the road for the first time, to the standard that I needed to reach to pass my practical test. He is always encouraging and always pushed me to drive my best, and get rid of bad habits. As well as this, I always felt at ease, and was never put down or insulted, no matter how bad my driving at times!

I dont think I could have chose a better instructor to learn to drive with, and cant stress how much I will reccoment him to others!

Thanks again Kieron.

Seb Bush, passed 1st attempt, 29th January 2010