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Feedback - 2008

I began learning with Rock Driving Academy at the start of the summer and found Kieron everything you would expect from a good driving instructor. I know Kieron is relatively new to the driving scene but having had previous experience with other instructors I can safely say this guy is a natural. He is professional in his dealings and is impressively punctual and reliable. Lessons are always well planned and thought-out beforehand. His friendly nature relaxes you and he is always up for a joke. He is patient when things go wrong and only provides constructive cristism. Most of all Kieron is highly knowledgeable and his tips, ideas and references all proved to be invaluable. His commitment and enthusiasm to get me through my test even meant him organising me a few lessons with another instructor down in Bournemouth where I study at university. 
Thank you very much for all your help Kieron and I wish you every success in the future!
Sam Canty, passed 1st attempt, 31st December 2008

I’ve just passed my driving test first time and it is all done to rock driving academy.

Kieron is an excellent instructor and I’m glad that I chose to have my driving lessons with rock driving academy.  He taught me to drive safely and quickly from start to finish.  I found that Kieron was calm and patience and all questions were answered during lessons, at no time during lessons did I feel under pressure.

I shall recommend Kieron to everyone I know.

Thanks again Kieron!!!

Salvatore Mannina, passed 19th December 2008 

TOTALLY the best drive ever... Professional, educational, passion for passing his students, informative and above all friendly. I definetely made the right decision for joining this driving school....I passed today!!!!!

Again I want to say 'THANK YOU' for all the support, a little self belief and confidence goes along way and the help was always there from start to finish.
Kind regards 
Hayley Akrill, passed 11th December 2008 

I'm so glad that I chose to have my driving lessons with Rock Driving Academy, because Kieron is an amazing instructor. He is patient, calm and understanding! (Everything you want a driving instructor to be.) He's so friendly and optimistic; I felt like i was able to talk to him about anything and if I ever had a bad lesson, he'd continue to encourage me and make me see the bright side! Having that close bond, meant that I was able to stay relaxed and confident throughout my lessons; therefore my driving was able to rapidly progress. Passing my test felt like all of my hard work had finally paid off and I am so grateful to Kieron for all his efforts. Thank you!!

Emma Styles, passed 2nd December 2008

Kieron is a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to absolutely anyone. He was always patient and clear with instructions and I felt relaxed when driving. I always looked forward to lessons as he was positive and friendly, which gave me more confidence when driving. Before lessons I was mainly worried about grasping manoeuvres but Kieron taught me without making me feel rushed or under pressure, always reassuring me when I felt I’d had a bad lesson. I passed my test last week and I’m so happy! I couldn’t have done it without him and I’m so grateful.

Thank you so much Kieron.  

Jemma Riman, passed 10th November 2008

When I started learning to drive with Kieron I had little knowledge of how to drive a car & even less confidence in my own ability. Kieron began teaching me step by step, not rushing me at all. He was very understanding supportive & patient, which I think is critical for anyone learning to drive as any tension between student & instructor doesn't help either person. I am very happy having passed my driving test & also very grateful to Kieron. I wish him all the success with his teaching for the future & shall recommend him to everyone i know.

Thanks again Kieron.

Joe Canty

Kieron is a brilliant instructor, he taught me to drive quickly and safely. I found Kieron to be calm and patient and he has the ability to put you at ease.

I will be recommending Kieron to everyone I know.

Thanks again Kieron!!


Chris Sudbury

I came to Kieron from another driving instructor that I was not getting on well with and did not feel comfortable with, and I had been in a car accident which put me off learning. However, Kieron was patient and listened to all my problems and queries. At no stage though out the learning process did Keiron put me down or upset me, but constructive feedback and calm, frequent conversation allowed me to learn what my mistakes were and correct them to make me a good safe driver. Keiron taught me to be confident in my driving ability and to trust my instincts as they were often right, as a result my driving became better and that in turn gave me the confidence in myself to book a driving test and pass first time! I’m just upset that I cannot still drive with Keiron as I miss my lessons and learning from and with him. I recommend him to all my friends and my family members are or will be learning to drive with Kieron, and I am safe in the knowledge that he will be as helpful and understanding to their abilities as he was to mine.

Jenny Fennell, passed 1st attempt

Learning to drive with Keiron was a positive experience from start to finish. Having previously tried to see through the process of learning to drive with 3 different instructors at different times since the age of 17 and never really feeling comfortable enough to have more than a few lessons each time. I started lessons with Keiron and things began to click, everything is explained clearly, Keiron instills confidence and genuinely believes you can pass and this in itself makes you feel like your already on a path to passing. No question is unanswered and at no time during learning did I feel like I was under pressure, I am surprised a person is capable of being so calm and collected. Keiron is likeable and lessons were always enjoyable aswell as helpful to the process of learning. I passed first time at the age of 24. Without Keirons help I expect I'd still be on the bus.

Cheers Keiron!

Rob Hunt, passed 1st attempt

I've just passed my driving test on the first attempt and its all thanks to Kieron at the Rock Driving Academy! At the age of 36 its maybe something I should have achieved a fair while ago but in the past I could never seem to find the right instructor. There are no such problems with Kieron, he is calm and relaxed, sincere and knowledgeable in his trade. Every lesson was a friendly and rewarding experience and he gives you all the help and assistance you could ever need. Word is getting around about the Rock Driving Academy and I have no doubt that Keiron is the finest driving instructor in the county or even - the world!

Alan Mead, passed 1st attempt

Having passed my test first time after learning to drive with Rock Driving Academy, I know that I could not have wished for better instructor. Learning with the Rock driving school meant that my skills as a driver, as well as my confidence grew with each lesson. When I first began learning to drive, it’s fair to say that I had a few confidence issues about being on the road, however Rock Driving Academy helped me to overcome this, providing a relaxed, comfortable, yet self-challenging atmosphere. This allowed me to improve as a driver at a pace that suited me best, while still remaining focused on the goal of passing my test.  The tuition that I received was very thorough and helped me to gain a greater understanding of all aspects of driving, but most importantly it was also great fun, and I looked forward to my lessons. Rock driving school not only comprehensively prepares you for taking your driving test; it prepares you for driving in general; safe and considerate driving for the rest of your life. I know for certain that had I not gone with Rock Driving Academy, I’d still be a learner right now, instead, having received excellent tuition from Rock, I can proudly say that I passed; I proudly graduated from Rock Driving Academy.

Adam Tosh, passed 1st attempt